For industry – Pniówek coal mine

The subject of the project consisted in the cogenerated facility construction that generates both electricity, heat and cold for underground central air conditioning in the Pniówek coal mine.

For the needs of air conditioning on the Pniówek coal mine a unique in the scale of Europe pilot installation for the combined electricity, heat and cold production was made. The installation consists of two almost identical modules (construction phases), consisting of connected in series two absorption chillers and one compressor chiller that guarantee the underground cooling capacity of approx. 5500 kW in cold water with the supply and return temperatures of 1,5 and 18°C respectively. Heat for absorption chillers is produced in two power and heat generators powered by methane gas from the coal mine of electric capacity of approx. 6400 kW. The electricity produced by the generator is used to cover facilities’ own energy consumption and the surplus of approx. 5600 kW is supplied to the electricity network in the coal mine. The air conditioning has been working since September 2000.

Download: Projekt KWK Pniówek" (projekt.pdf/2,03MB)